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2 ☾ accidental video/action;

[The video runs for a few moments, seeing only the wall of the bridge and the pale grey cloud-choked sky. The camera becomes slightly obscured by raindrops, and then a wide white sleeve and shock of purple hair come into view. Heedless of the rain, the frame of a boy can be seen perched on the wall, his back to the communicator which has evidently been dropped.

After a moment, there's a mewl from close by. Kafei looks around, in time to see a small, green-eyed, black cat leap up and walk along the wall. He eyes it dubiously, until it headbutts his arm, at which point he idly scratches it behind the ear.

It is with his head turned towards it that he notices the fallen device, and, leaning back, he picks it up. His red eyes narrow a moment, as if he's considering saying something - but he's still not really sure about how it works, and so ends up settling for switching it off and tucking it away again.

((OOC: FFFFFFFFFFFF so even though he has not been on the network, Kafei has been around Demeleier. Your character may have seen him, even though he does keep a low profile.

Also it's raining. :Db))

1 ☾ video;

[Click. Clickity click. Kafei fumbles with the communicator. Video flares to life, but it only catches a glimpse of the child’s face - purple hair, red eye, pale skin - before it begins moving as he continues fiddling with the thing. His voice, when he speaks, is that of a boy of twelve or so. But it’s remarkably even, perhaps because of how sullen it is, aside from the spike of urgency.]

What is this thing? How is it - not important…

[The voice becomes muffled, and the video sees only darkness. Apparently, Kafei has tucked it away, too busy to bother with figuring the device out. He is no longer speaking into it, just shouting.]

Anju? Anju? Can you hear me?

[He pauses, movement coming to a stop.]

What is that?

9. video/voice;

[Kafei is his usual sullen self. Nice to know some things haven't changed. His mouth is set in that typical downturn, visible for a split second before the camera shifts. Lying on the floor is a heap of green and brown fabric. To some, it may be faintly recognisable.]

I can't get rid of this.

Everytime I try, it reappears where it was before.

[He sighs, minute and irritable.]

I read that book that came with it. Otherwise...

But it's possible someone else might be able to use it.

[The video clicks on, leaving it to voice.]

Domeki is gone. Who's going to take me seriously now -

Green hat man. You're still here, aren't you?

(OOC: So, for the fantasy event, Kafei was Peter Pan. He found this pretty galling, and now the outfit is haunting him. He'd rather a ghost, really.)

8. video;

[The feed clicks on, a little fumbled. For a moment, the picture moves around far too fast - all but dizzying. And then it focuses on the young Kafei's face. His usual, sullen expression is not present - he may, in fact, be smiling. Quite triumphantly, at that.]

You know, they're only strung up, like any other doll.

[The camera swoops again to focus on a figure on the floor. The bald doll is tangled up in the cord used to hold together all the parts. It is struggling, but seems unable to free itself.]

It may not last as long as I'd like...

But it is fairly satisfying.

7. audio;

There were people who were asking things last time. Clock Town is home to me. It was known for the rain that came and went frequently.

...You can win more red tape at the carnival. It's useful.

Does anyone know where I can find some paper and ink?

[Locked to Green Hat Man // Easily Hackable]

They gave me the Pendant of Memories.

5. accidental voice;

[Rattling can be heard, rattling and thrashing. Someone groans, the vexed sound of one deciding to just put up with it for now. It does, of course, sound a little childish. Kafei shifts, groaning again, slightly muffled now as he pulls a pillow up over his head. The rattling becomes particularly vicious...


In that moment, there's a yelp through set teeth and then a scrabbling, scratching sound, movement. The noise rustles as Kafei stumbles over to his communicator, muttering:

oh, clocks.

4. text;

That cat's still here, and still staring.

I wonder if we can do anything for them.

3. audio;

Four people living on the fourth floor.


[His voice remains flat and unemotive.]

Something, or someone tried to drown me this morning.

...It's best Anju doesn't come here.

[A pause.]

For a moment I thought it was the toilet guy from the inn.

2. audio;

[Kafei's childish voice does not suit the flat tone - it is strange, wrong somehow.]

She's not here.

[A long pause. He's talking more to himself now.]

I will get back to her.

[Again, longer.]

If there's anywhere to go back to.